Orange' De Buggar Candles

You're sitting outside on a warm night with your friends and family enjoying the the fire, and the music on your patio. You'd be having such a fun time, if it wasn't for the mosquitoes bugging you. Here's a simple solution, that smells nice too.

You will need 2 candle wicks, citronella essential oil, a bag of small candles, a clean, empty can, a small cutting board, and of course... an orange.

Cut a large orange in half, and carefully scoop out the fruit until you have some nice, clean, perfect rinds.  Then fill the sauce pan with about one cup of water and place it on medium heat. Take the wicks out of the small candles (if you can't, just put them in anyways), and put them in a washed and dried, metal can. Put the can in the heated water until the wax is melted. Now put about 20 drops of the citronella essential oil (If you don't have any citronella, clove or eucalyptus are good too) in the melted wax, stir it over the heat until completely mixed. 

 Put your orange peels on the cutting board. Nestle the candle wicks in the center, and carefully pour the hot wax into the rind 'vessel'. Make sure that the wicks are standing straight and in the center. Throw your can away, and make sure that your candle cools and sets. Then take them outside, light them, and don't worry about those bugs.