Tips to a Nice Room

I've always liked rooms that had personality. Like a room that's classy and timeless, or bright, contemporary, and edgy, the cozy rustic chic, and my favorite, the shabby chic. Here are a few ways to give your room a bit of character.

Paint: Paint can say a lot about a room. So picking the right paint will go a long ways. The lighter the color, the bigger the room will seem. It's best to decide on the theme of your room, before the color. You need inspiration. Is the room dedicated to your family, your pets, maybe an artist, or a place? My room's inspiration came from the Mediterranean Sea. I wanted the soft, peaceful, aqua that I saw gently crashing on the white sands, in pictures. I also wanted to mimic the feel of the Ocean on the Southern Oregon Coast (just a few blocks from my home). So I decided on 'Beach Breeze' by Valspar.

A Gallery: Every person has their favorite photos, memories, and paintings that they want to save and share. But many rooms have their pictures all over the place, where ever the frame fits. Why not give your room a more organized feel. A gallery wall or two is perfect for showcasing pictures. But having them in straight rows is quite boring (at least for me), why not line them up like bricks, overlapping, yet symmetrical. Why not trace your photos first, cut them out, and tape them (use a tape that doesn't peel the paint off your walls or Scotch Removable Adhesive Reusable Putty) where you think they should go, before putting the real thing up.

P.S. I did not take this photo. So thank you to the person who did. But this is a perfect example of an art gallery wall. Of course, if you wish, the more (pictures) the merrier.

Accessories: Every outfit needs accessories, whether it be a watch, a belt, or jewelry. So why not give your room some. You'll need to go back to your inspiration. Does your inspiration make you feel warm and cozy, or bright, and alive? Does it make you feel free, or make you feel loved? Perhaps all of these. Find throw pillows, blankets, vases, mirrors, clocks, anything to give your room more character. For me, my ocean themed room needed to be serene, and calm, but free, and alive too. So my accessories included sheer curtains that could flutter in the breeze if I opened my window, artistic pillows that matched my theme, a classy blue alarm-style clock, a white mirror (sanded to give it the shabby chic look I love), and pencil jars I made myself, out of mason jars, thick, brown fishnet, and rope/twine, with sea shell embellishes. And of course, rugs make everything better. (I also have a shelf that's tilted, so that my books, and binders stay neater. My dad made it for me.)