Fresh Patch

I had a request for a article on Fresh Patch. Since this is a Carpet Cleaning Business and website, why not? 

  Many people have pee pads in their homes or their canine friends, but as carpet cleaners, we find that there is usually more urine on the carpets than on the pee pads. Now some people kennel train their dogs so that they learn to go outside, and not inside. Others think that this training is cruel, and give their pets pee pads. But this too requires training, as what dog would go on a pad, 'when there is fresh clean carpet right over there.' 

 So one company had an idea. Fresh Patch. Now if you don't know what Fresh Patch is, they're a company that delivers fresh, green, real, grass in almost like a litter box, to your door. Now this may seem like a really stupid idea, but it's not! A dog's instinct is to go on grass. Carpets are just an alternative. And Fresh Patch doesn't require training, your pets would rather go on grass than on carpets, but if they aren't trained to wait, they're gonna go when they have to go. 

  It's perfect for if you live in an apartment, or if you don't have a yard.  Dogs are gonna do what dogs are gonna do, and if you think that Kennel Training is mean, then buying or even making your own Fresh Patch would sure make your pet happier, and would save us a lot of work.


A dog using Fresh Patch in an appartment.

A dog using Fresh Patch in an appartment.