Computer Tips for Small Buisness - Shortcuts for Chrome Browser


What-   This Blog post will be about how to set up shortcuts to use within the Chrome Browser! (If you are a Chrome Browser user and especially if you use Google Docs and Apps you will love this tip!)

Why-   As much of what we do for Work, Business, Social Media, email etc has gone to online and Cloud Computing formats, we spend a large portion of our time with an Internet Browser.  One of the most used and downloaded browsers for Windows and Macs  is the Chrome Browser.  If you are a Chromebook user the integration is already there.  

    Navigating to websites that we use a lot has traditionally been done by bookmarking your pages, then trying to go find these book marks later by the navigation of the large list of bookmarks.  This can be cumbersome after a while. Also now in the age of Cloud Computing , if you use google Drive, One-drive, or Online Storage , all of our spreadsheets, word documents, presentations are s simply specific web links that point to that document.  A simpler way to open your most used web pages or online cloud documents is to use an often unknown feature in Chrome Browser which allows you to access the desired web page with one, or a few key  letters.    


  • First, find the web page or online document that you want saved.  

  • Then simply; copy the URL or web address, go to the Chrome Browser settings, scroll down until you see the Button for “Manage Search Engines”.  

  • Click on this button and then the fields with two categories, Default and Other search settings  will appear for saving your hot keys and URL'S. You will use the “Other Search Settings” area.  

  • The 1st area coming from the left  will be the name you choose for your hot key.  This could be anything to describe the hot key like “My Chase Bank login”, “My Blog”, “My Budget Spreadsheet”, etc.  

  • The 2nd area coming from the left will be the hot keys you choose. They can be letters, numbers, a combination of both, or just one letter.   For Example, your bank login page can be just the letter “B”.  

  • The 3rd area is where you paste the Url you just copied from your Bank Login Page. Paste it in the cell and you are ready.

  • Go to new browser tab and type a “B” then hit enter.

  • Repeat the process for all of your frequently used online documents, web pages, etc.