Pet's and Carpets

What-What is the best way to Handle Fresh Pet Urine spots on the your Carpets.

Why-We all love our pets whether they be a new puppy in training or an old yeller who has been with us for years.  With the joys of having pets, come also the challenges of keeping your carpets in good condition, looking good, and also smelling good.  This Blog in particular will give tips on how to efficiently find and cleanup any pet urine before it can build up deep into the pad.

    Many Spray and wipe cleaners are advertised for this particular reason.  After cleaning hundreds of carpets with pet issues, we at Angels Carpet Cleaning  DO NOT recommend spray and wipe methods.  Methods we will recommend will be similar to what a Professional Carpet Cleaner would do if they came to your house. You can most likely mimic these methods with items you may have already in your house.  

    We will also give advice on one of the most important parts of this process, that is finding the piddles  We found this extremely important, as most pets during or after training instinctively know that urinating on your carpets is wrong. Many clients we work for will say “he only went in this area”  or “ he never goes over there.”  In reality , the truth is “ he only went in this area”  when you caught him doing it.  There will be many areas that you will overlook.  It's important to find these areas as soon as possible, to clean properly and also to be able to train your pet properly.  

How- So how do you find these area quickly and efficiently?  The best way is by purchasing a UV light.  In all 4 of our vans at Angel’s Carpet Cleaning, we carry UV lights for finding these areas. Some of the professional lights can cost up $450 dollars, but these are not needed if you do your inspection at night when you can dim the lights.  You can pick up a UV light for as little at $15 on Amazon. 

    After getting your light, simply turn off the lights, and shine it on the carpets.  Any pet Piddles will show up clear.  Mark these spots with a piece of painter's tape or something else you can use to show the spots after you turn the light on.   

    Now, after finding the fresh piddle spot, it's time to clean it properly. Not just spraying some name brand pet cleaner and wiping.  We at Angel’s Carpet Cleaning support a method of cleaning that flushes and lifts the urine of of the carpet fibers.  The tools that will be needed will be a small shop wet Vac.  ( if you have not bought one we recommend the rigid _______).  A 1 gallon spray bottle, (we really like the Chapmin 1 gallon sprayers,) they can easily be purchased at Bi Mart for around  $12.  Next, you can easily make an all natural cleaning solution using ½ gallon of water, ½ gallon of White vinegar, two tablespoons of baking soda, and a teaspoon of lemon juice for scent (optional).

    Now, simply pump up sprayer and spray the area while using the shop vac to immediately vacuum up the solution and the Pet urine that is now diluted and being flushed out with the cleaning rinse solution.  Repeat the process until you feel the area is completely cleaned and rinsed (see short Video).  This method combined with frequent UV light inspection, and most important as soon after the accident as possible, will keep your carpets in good shape.   It will also keep the urine from saturating the pad which later will require more specialized procedures by a Professional Carpet Cleaner. There is more we add to blog post but feel free to call us anytime for Free advice at 541-373-0350