Why we DO NOT use a lot of Deodorizers!

What-   Deodorizers

Why-   Why we don't use deodorizers often. When dealing with Carpets and and in some cases Upholstery, we all know that there are instances when even after cleaning , there can be lingering odors. These odors can be caused by many different reasons.  Some of these can be described as the the infamous wet dog smell, the musty smell, even worse is the Pet Urine smell.   Even after a Carpet has been Steam Cleaned in a proper way, sometimes these odors can persist after cleaning. There are several reasons why this could happen. Soils, dog dander, and other particulates can vibrate deep down into the backing area and even thru to settle between the pad and carpet backing, if vacuuming is not done often enough.  (see Pictures) (see article on “how often should I vacuum”) In other cases involving pets, young dogs in training and older dogs with loose bladders could be release their liquids into carpets.  

    Overtime, if not cleaned immediately and in a proper way, these deposit can go deep into the pad of the carpet.  After a steam cleaning, during the evaporation process, very small molecules that cause odor will be drawn to the surface of the carpet.

How-   Many Carpet Cleaning services advertise for add-on deodorization service for solving any issues for odor.  These deodorization services can help with odors but can mask still insisting issues with the carpet. We believe that if there is an odor, rather than just adding deodorizer, a 2nd or 3rd Stage of Cleaning needs to take place.  This may involve special Treatments for Pet Urine, or 2nd stage Low moisture cleaning after the initial steam Cleaning.  In some cases we like to use Natural of Oxygen by doing Ozone Shock Treatments.

    More could be written on the details of these different stages of Cleaning, but they all deal with permanently removing the molecules causing the odor, instead of temporarily masking them with deodorizer.